EPC contractor for Oil & Gas:

PETROFORCE DownStream is responsible for EPC of mini refineries. Due to the urgent need to protect conserved resources and prevent the exporting of crude oil, this subsidery was established to have activities in the field of designing projects, manufacturing and supplying oil derivatives plants by using global knowledge to set up mini refineries to produce gasoline and diesel as a fuel. Pishgam Palayesh Force as a subsidiary company of PETROFORCE offers engineering, installation, commissioning & maintenance solutions for small to medium scale refinery, gas and petrochemical plants and their related equipment. 

We are capable to provide all required necessities as below services:
        Feasibility studies for oil, gas and petrochemical industries
        Conceptual and basic engineering, feed and HAZOP
        Front end engineering and detailed design
        Commission and installation support
        Modular fabrication and construction
        EPC of modular petrochemical plants
        EPC of modular gas plants
        EPC of modular refineries
        Research and development                                                           To see the projects done by Pishgam Palayesh Force, please click 
        Project management                                                                      Downstream Catalog (English)
        Safety services                                                                              Downstream Catalog (Persian)